compactum desk 01

This desk is a recent acquisition via Craigslist, my one true internet love (don’t tell, but I say that to/about all my internet loves). I was drawn to the compartmentalization and transformative powers it clearly has, as well as the clean lines and pretty wood. But mainly the promise of an ordered and transformed/able life. And beauty.

Once I got it home, I wiled away some time looking for its brethren online. The bottom is stamped as follows: VANTINGE MOBELINDUSTRI / v| N. E. Glasdam Jensen / 5750 Ringe / MADE IN DENMARK
From what I can tell, Sir or Madam Jensen designed things for the thirsty among us (this bar and this one and maybe this one?) especially those who appreciate furniture that folds into itself. While I’m not a teetotaler, the presence of grooved wood ledges to hold hanging files (bottom shelves of the opening-outward portion) suggests to my trained eye that this is indeed a desk, or possibly a desk-bar. But definitely desk-ish in some way. I tried throwing in additional keywords like teak and rosewood and even danish, denmark, and scandinavian, but all I learned was that a wooton is a desk and compactum is my favorite name for my new transforming piece.

Any thoughts, wide webz of teh world?

compactum desk 02

2 thoughts on “Study: desk

  1. Did you ever find anything out about this beauty? I just found the same exact piece at a thrift store and I am unable to find ANYTHING about it on the internet.

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