Another view of Z-fold brochure

The Client:
CLUES (Comunidades Latinos Unidas En Servicio) is a Minnesota-based non-profit that seeks to provide “high quality, language appropriate and culturally competent direct services through a family-centric coordinated care delivery model to advance the well-being, health, and economic prosperity of Latino individuals and families.”

The Constraints:
As an organization striving to provide direct care to Latino families, CLUES offers all outreach materials in both Spanish and English. Because of the core desire to treat its clients with respect, both languages must be represented equally, and CLUES’ staff members are sensitive to the potential to privilege one language above another. While CLUES’ services are aimed towards the Latino community, they are happy to serve any clients whose needs meet with the services they offer.

CLUES approached me and my design partner, Martha Garcés, to redesign their direct outreach brochures. They wanted to have a cohesive design that would work for all of their departments. These brochures needed to be fully bilingual, easy to read, and engaging. Potential clients would come across the brochures in a variety of settings; directly from an individual while receiving services at another organization, in the waiting rooms of government agencies, and at service or cultural fairs.

The Process:
Martha and I sat down with CLUES to explore their priorities for these pieces. What stood out to us was the need for the design to be easy to grab for later, to truly balance Spanish and English, to match between departments, and to invite interaction. A quick brainstorming session later, we had designed a flippable Z-fold brochure that allowed us to meet these criteria.

The Product:
At 4″x6″ when folded, the basic brochure is smaller than many fliers. Its size allows it to more easily be picked and stored in a pocket or purse, even with just one hand free. The front page is just under 3.5″ wide, making the piece easy to open, and allowing it to be printed on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper if necessary (this ended up not be needed by the client). When a client flips it over, they see the exact same images, photo, and layout, but with the other language.

Martha and I sourced the photos for these brochures from online stock photo sites, providing a relevant selection of possible photos for the client to choose from. A few additional photos were provided for the client. We helped the client with editing to create a uniform style that would work across the brochures, and provided bilingual editing as needed.

All CLUES brochures Bilingual CLUES brochure Z-fold brochure

One thought on “Designed: bilingual brochures

  1. This is fantastic! I work for a non-profit serving the English-speaking minority in Quebec. One of my responsibilities is in designing and producing promo materials. It’s always a struggle to deal with bilingual designs that demand equal coverage in small spaces. Your design is a great solution to that challenge.

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