Ss invite w envelope

The Clients:
The couple had a long shared history (having attended high school together) with a sweet romantic relationship that flourished when both ended up in the same city. Both shared an appreciation for the city that brought them back together and for books/the written language.

The Constraints:
The couple wanted all aspects of the wedding, including the invitation process, to reflect their relationship, circle of family and friends, and needs. They were looking for an invite that captured their unique path to committing to each other but needed costs to reflect their realistic budget.  We also had a short timeline to work in.

The Processes:
I started by asking them a series of questions to gauge what their expectations and goals were for their wedding invitation. As I got a sense of their desires, I pulled together some inspiration pieces to make sure we were on the same page and hone my understanding. They, in turn, found an antique map of the city that spoke to them and which they wanted to incorporate in some way.

Early in the sketching process, I decided to use the scilicet as a way of joining their names together, and as a nod to their academic backgrounds. Because of the shortened timeline and their flexibility in choosing which wedding traditions to adopt, the couple chose to send out a digital Save The Date to friends and family. This allowed the piece to be a bit more informal, and provided space for the design to continue to evolve and the time to perfect an abstracted vector map based on their inspiration piece.

The product:
The couple ended up with a digital Save The Date.


This was followed by the mailing of the invitation and the RSVP card. For these, the couple decided to line the envelopes with cut-outs of maps hand-selected for the importance to them and the family and friends they were inviting. I coordinated the printing of the invitations for them, as well as procurement of envelopes and assisting with the die-cutting process. I created individually typeset address labels to use for mailing, printed elsewhere.

Ss lacehanky inviteSs invite

For the wedding itself, I also designed branded table numbers and escort cards for them, as well as a sheet for a trivia game they had come up with as an ice-breaker.

Ss lacehanky trivia Ss lacehanky table number

To commemorate their wedding, the couple sent each guest home with a CD of music they’d exchanged on mix tapes through their long friendship. I worked with them to design a cover insert for this that would explain the CD and how each song selection fit in to their shared history (in addition to the title and artist, each song needed to indicate who sent it to whom and in what year).


(In situ photos courtesy of the couple’s wedding photographers, Lace/Hanky Phhotography.)

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