loon 06

I’m not one for making snap judgments about people, but this vintage embroidery (cross stitch?) piece tests my resolve. I carefully watch the faces of friends and family when they first see it and so far the general expression-consensus is a wonderful amalgamation of being tickled, charmed, laughter, shame, and self-loathing for laughing. It’s hard to imagine being friends with someone who didn’t at least grimace and look disappointed in humanity when seeing it, but then again, one of the best compliments I’ve ever received was that I “bring out the puns in people”. That’s a noble life-purpose right there.

I found this “leave me aloon” embroidery unframed in a local thrift store, maker unknown, along with one another locally specific pun (“I’m loony about Minnesota”) that I sent eastward to a friend. Given that the state bird of Minnesota wasn’t the loon until the 60s, I’m going to posit that it’s newer than that. I used vintage metal embroidery hoops (also thrifted) as simple frames–I like that they’re tied thematically to the piece but are a bit more subtle than the screw-and-tabs that make wooden embroidery hoops so distinct and obvious in their purpose. This style is adjustable with a spring at the seam, as shown. I also tacked my extra fabric down rather than cutting/glues it because I wanted to leave future options open as much as was reasonable and still display it.

loon 03

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