watering can 06

Some might argue that I have more plants than brains and it’s certainly true in terms of countable nouns and possibly by volume, even in the winter. My 400 square feet of home holds roughly 40 plants at any given time, a combination of cuttings and mature plants. I aim to get any helicoptering tendencies worked out before I have kids of my own. For my plants, however, this is dangerous when I enjoy puttering about and watering them.
Luckily watering cans were invented for people like me. This one is the best I’ve found for indoor use, with its very narrow spout. Because I pulled it out of a recycling bin (reuse first, people!), I washed it very thoroughly in case its previous incarnation had been as a bearer of less-compatible-with-plant-life liquids. But a few years in and it has neither doomed my plants nor lost my affection.
It’s an unmarked piece, with chipped red paint covering some sort of metal. Perhaps galvanized steel? It’s about 12″ at its longest, with the body about 5″ in diameter. I’m a fan of its solid design and construction, as well as the industrial (you could say shabby or country if you were that kind of person, but I’m not) wear on it. I like the interrupted circle of its handle, the sinewy curve ending in a sharp angle of its spout, the crescent moon of the refill opening, and the way the handle ends in a little metal tab that supports the spout and curves gracefully back towards the can for safety.
Additionally, it offers a standard flow of water for the plants; it’s very hard to over water by spillage and impossible to up the flow through the spout, and it’s also difficult to slow water. Form + function.
watering can 01

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