arabia finland 04

Another thrift store find, this time an unidentified piece (teacup? wine glass? votive holder?) from Friedl Holzer-Kjellberg’s rice porcelain line for Arabia of Finland. I was immediately drawn to the way that the light plays with the translucency of the design–it’s really magical.

I’m familiar with rice porcelain from my mother’s dishes, relatively common Chinese blue and white ones. Those are much thicker and more solid, which makes them much more comfortable for daily use but they lack a literal and metaphorical lightness that this piece has. The color of the white in this one is also reads as warmer, whether it really is or because it doesn’t have the patterns in blue on it.

The bottom is signed Arabia Finland F.H.Kj. and I’m sort of taken by the two-letter last initial there. Apparently Ms. Holzer-Kjellberg rice porcelain line includes a number of pieces of dinnerware, with patterns ranging from vertical repeats like in this bowl here to chevron-style angled hashes to a motif that reminds me of the hops graphic I used as part of the motif/repeating pattern in this wedding invite.

arabia finland 01

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