French purse 03

I don’t know much about this embroidered French purse with Chinese influences (or Chinese embroidery?). I picked it up at a thrift store and am enamored with it. It’s just the right level of sparkle and glitz for most fancy occasions and the short chain helps keep it feeling secure.

French purse 04

It’s a little bigger than absolutely necessary, which means it can house a second necklace option or a handkerchief along with cell phone and wallet.

French purse 05

The two sides are very much non-identical, so when I use it, I try to return it with the other side facing up to the mirror where I keep it (it’s too pretty to hide away!).

in situ mirror purse garland

The label reads Benlux | 7 Rue Saint Honore } Paris. The base fabric is a shiny cream with gold embroidery framing a variety of multicolored icons: a fish, a person, a butterfly, a flowers, a bird, etc. The handiwork in it is pretty intense and I like to to think that I’m a good audience for that level of detail oriented intricate work, even if my own is in a different medium.

French purse 06

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