Back in my undergrad days, I had really long hair (down to my hips), mostly as a consequence of indecision and inertia. I rarely wore it down, though. I have very straight hair prone to grease in the summer, static in the winter, and tangles when long and loose.

Plus hair is a pretty fascinating medium to work with. This hairstyle is one of the first ones I came up with that I really liked and didn’t feel was very derivative of other styles I’d seen. It worked well for my hair and sense of comfort, but provided a more organic feel than the rigidity of tight buns or symmetric braids. I like the way it mimicked curls (totally outside my experience).

hair 3

This is the single-pony-tail, relatively short hair (just past shoulder blades) version, done quickly for a busy day of writing and meetings in the dry indoor spaces of winter. I realized recently that, given my time in school in the pre-digital camera age, people’s tendencies to take photos of faces, and my own sense that it was gauche to try to capture the impermanent through photography, I have very few examples of the dozens of hairstyles I came up with for my own amusement, deltoid/trapezoid muscle development (holding your hands over your head is tiring!), and forays into strange structural problem-solving.

I’m hoping to see if my hair is long enough for one of my all-time favorite, time-intensive, multi-stage hairstyles, an off-shoot of this one. Until then, I haven’t seen this way of working with long straight hair on the web (and back in the day, I only had one friend with similar aesthetic and hair adopt the method), including on this rather detailed website, and I’ve poked around periodically through the years, just as a means of reminiscing.

If there is interest, I can try my hand at a DIY video or photo-tutorial.

hair 5

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