acorn pins 02

Just some fun vintage branded packaging for tiny safety pins. These gold-plated (oooh! fancy! what’s keeping your dress together at a party?) brass safety pins come strong on a little bit of brass wire, twisted at one end (seen just at the cap of the acorn).

As you’d expect, such a tag “insure[s] quality.” Made in the U.S.A. I appreciate the guarded coils–it’s the kind of detail I don’t think about except when it isn’t there. Not sure what the “No. 124” refers to, unless it’s the size, but really more products ought to have numbers. It makes the world feel organized and sorted and full of as many options as there are integers!

Besides the clear straight-up baller lifestyle I’ve got going on with these safety pins (and you haven’t yet seen my gold walnut sewing kit for emergencies!), I’m a fan of the die-cut tag and typography, especially the sans serif font. The little mark at the bottom? I cannot make out what that says at all. Union bug? Imprimatur? Stamp of approval?


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