ribbon tin 05

Pretty much gratuitous photo sharing here. I find myself drawn to the midwestern winter color combination of gold and robin’s egg blue over and over, so this is a particularly happy combination in this lucky thrift store find. Text reads:

Arco Brand
Typewriter Ribbon
MFG by
American Ribbon & Carbon Co
Rochester, NY, U.S.A.
(it appears that there may have been a sticker at the bottom with details about this particular ribbon but no longer)

ribbon tin 01

to give satisfaction
ARCO ribbon
for all machines
ribbon & carbon co
Rochester, N.Y.

I’m a big fan of the graphics on it, the engraving on the bank-note style graphics (the ribbons, the horizontal lines behind the logo). I’m not sure of the quasi-organic feel of the main background pattern, but it too reminds me of a financial use–in this case, patterns from security envelopes (another blog post for someday!). I’m not great at guessing at eras for things like this. 1930s? Later? Earlier?

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