snippet 54

Shown: a view of one of my recent kitchens. The spider plant is in an old oatmeal tin c/o of my father c/o one of his best friends. Punched a few holes in the top lip, and threaded wire through it. I’ve yet to get a spider plant to make babies, though–I thought it wasn’t supposed to be this hard!

In the blurry spaces, there are ponytail palms to the left, some succulents and a mother-of-millions plant as well. The Kalanchoe pinnata or Bryophyllum pinnatum is a fascinating plant but a good reminder that having houseplants (as with pets) isn’t an inherently value-neutral proposition. It’s an invasive species in more tropical areas of the world than Minnesota, as well as potentially toxic to some animals. Blue orbs are globes.


Shown: And a close-up, from a different day. The Korean sign translates to “Authorized Personnel Only” and was a birthday gift from my brother who knows my weakness for typography, signs, and bureaucracy. The Lekberg (I think) Ikea shelf was a new purchase about six years ago. The cutting boards are thrifted. The Dansk pot, Le Creuset, and unmarked wooden-handed pot were lucky thrift store finds and the blue bowl came from Crate and Barrel about fifteen years ago.


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