thrift store 03

I’m missing one of my favorite (thrift store) friends right now. The photo is one of our shared sorting piles, in situ–I was a fan of the visual cohesion of what we were both considering purchasing. I’m not sure how other people thrift, but I’m a touch-it-all-now-and-sort-it-later type and so is Ms. A. For me, sometimes I only want to “own” something for the twenty to ninety-nine minutes it’s in the cart. I gather what intrigues me, then jettison (back to its original location, natch!) the bulk when it turns out I don’t actually need or want it in my life on an overnight basis. It’s a method that also helps me use my smarter brain for more boring basics that I otherwise might not put in the cart in the first blush of being surrounded by pretty and intriguing things.

In this photo, the votive holders made it home with us (three for each). I think she may’ve also picked up the globe and perhaps the sugar bowl. I got the silver basket (I think–if not, I picked up a nearly identical one at a different thrift store), the small scalloped (bread? oatmeal cookie!) plate in the foreground, and maybe the small bowl on the plate next to the globe.

And here’re those candle holders in use, on a favorite thrifted (different store) and unironed woven runner. The table’s history is found here.

snippet 70

One thought on “Snippet No. 2

  1. Gotta love piles of thrift! (Well, at least I do.) I do the same thing—pile up stuff during my shift and then put most of it back at the end.

    Btw. the “Ms. A.” link is a dead end.

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