faceted things

One of the first repeating patterns I designed, back in 2008 (SO LONG AGO!!!). I’m a lifelong fan of the faceted shapes, something I blame both on an innate tendency towards the geometric, and too much time staring at ice crystallizing on window panes in cold Minnesota winters in childhood while pretending to control the weather (MOR SNO!) and thereby get school cancelled by turning the latches. (My parents were of the no-TV persuasion, and we were normal children who entertained ourselves with the usual dreams of omnipotence and chaos.)

Anyhow, there’s this pattern. The tile is above, the repeat below. I’m not happy with how quickly the repeat jumps out at me nor am I satisfied with the color combo/intensity (it’s a bit busy? but who’s the client? what’s the purpose? who I am to judge?!?), but I’m also pleasantly surprised by how on-trend/trend-forward it was for 2008. I don’t see myself as trend-driven, nor anti-trend, but I do get the basic human satisfaction (sense of omniscience?) of making predictions and seeing them fulfilled.

I also am pleased to note that this pattern is well within the happify brand. The color palette in particular reflects happify’s shift away from brown as a supporting color–it appears only in the lines here. The first brand colors for happify products, back in 2005, were robin’s egg blue, vibrant orange, and brown, with frequent grey in secondary materials. It’s interesting to note that brown began shifting darker and towards a supporting role by 2008; by 2010, dark grey has replaced it. The basic illustrative line weight with its sense of precision/intricacy also fits happify branding from that time.

At this point, where I have enough distance that the pattern is me-not-me and I can’t actually recall specific motivations/thought processes that went into it (beyond a huge thrill in finally designing repeating patterns), it’s sort of fun to think about where I might use this kind of a pattern. I’d want to tweak it, of course but beyond that? It makes me think of some of Target’s fall college lines, or perhaps flannel pajamas? Mod toys wrapping paper?

faceted tile color 2

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