10 october 2015


October couldn’t be much more self-explanatory, could it? This past fall was a glorious one for finding leaves on walks and errands–I often arrived at my destination feeling giddy at the thick stack of vibrantly hued leaves I was holding. I wanted to capture their movement, their slight translucence, the variety of shapes and the delicacy and intricacy of how the color changes move across their veins, sometimes staying green or darkening to burgundy.

I styled the photo with some of the leaves that made it home with me. I’d pressed them in a book, then taped them to my inspiration wall for a few weeks before pulling them down for close examination while I worked on the vector-reproductions. The colors in the photo were enhanced slightly in Photoshop as they’d faded while on my wall, and I still didn’t manage to capture the glow they had fresh from the tree.

Calendar available here.


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