I picked up three plaster doll legs at the thrift store a few weeks ago for $0.50 each. It’s the kind of purchase that feels both inevitable (because seriously, three antique doll legs for less than a coffee?) and the first life choice in a chain reaction leading somewhere questionable. Right now only two of the legs are in use/displayed (and I realize I’m not sure where I set the third–fun surprises!): the one here, with paintbrushes, and one dangling from the hanger I use for tights. I’m not really sure what to keep in the second and third ones, but I have this gut sense that actually using the doll legs is part of the dividing line between questionable and quirky. This one I stuffed at the bottom with tissue paper so the paintbrushes would stay accessible, but it’s now top heavy and I might have to replace the tissue with small rocks at some point.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve already picked up the gravity-activated dolls eyes (you would too; those are much less creepy as objets d’art than in actual dolls). I may be further down some roads of perdition than I’d like to believe.

For those of you who play I Spy with strangers’ photos of their messy bookcases: constellation globe, Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks, Shakespeare, Foucault, de Botton, rubber stamps, Chip and Dan Heath, Don Camillo, rhinestones in a beaker, UX/design books, Chinese dictionary, MBTI, shorthand…

doll leg

2 thoughts on “Snippet No. 4

  1. Ha-ha! I was indeed trying to read the spines of your books—thanks for the assistance!
    I remember those dolls legs, and in use, this one looks extremely less creepy than it did lying in a bin, where it looked more… body-less.

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