A few years back, one of my graphic design teachers brought to class one of her (many, apparently!) personal boxes of pretty stationery, stashed away and unused except as inspiration for a designer. Such a moment of recognition! I no longer had to try to overcome the pain of writing in a beautifully crafted notebook or send some offensive “good luck with your diet” card with amazing era-evoking graphics to an unwitting and bewildered friend to justify the purchase and existence of these bits in my life.

valentine's day

Here are three reprints (from when?) of 1950s Hallmark cards. I’m particularly drawn to the “I choo-choo-choose you” card, probably for the Simpsons reference. If I had to psychoanalyze my attraction to these cards, I would blame the 1980s public libraries of my youth, which apparently were still heavily populated by this style of graphics on their covers and patterned endpapers (and those occasional illustrations inserted in kids’ chapter books–what was up with that? ease the transition to chapter books? get your money’s worth from your artists?). I do like that they’re ungendered and raceless cute animals/insects. I also appreciate the forced puns–start ’em young!

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