I’ve got a guest post up here, about human worth and aging. L’Astronave’s also linked back to a post I wrote about care-taking a few years ago in an earlier iteration of blogging (protip for newbs: it helps to post more than once every few months).

For those not familiar with L’Astronave, she’s trying out WordPress after a long while blogging here. She currently does amazing work with those with dementia.

I need to add a caveat for the two posts linked above and others that might touch on similar issues. I am very privileged to have a father (and mother) who modeled loving caretaking for me so that I am happy and able to use those skills now. I want to be very clear that I have all sorts of privileges (including loving parents) that not everyone has. While I think we as a society have an ethical responsibility to care fully for each other (including our elderly), I don’t believe that children have an inherent moral obligation to care for their parents. 

One thought on “Elsewhere: On Human Worth

  1. I really appreciate how thoughtful you are about the impact your words may have and thus the importance of stating where you’re coming from—that is, that you have loving parents, and you are not proposing a moral imperative for children of people with dementia.

    (I think the author of the Atlantic article did NOT take such care.)

    However I do believe it’s a general truth that, as you write, “it helps to post more than once every few months” *smile* (if a blogger wants to grow any kind of relationship with readers, anyway).

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