Bright blue flowering morning glories climbing up string/twine lattice with brickwork in background.

Spring (or at least the promise of it) is arriving early this year. I’m starting to think about container gardening, ordering seeds, all of the stuff that happens when one finally believes in summer as a reality.

Here’re two photos from years past. Above, blue morning glories grown from seed trellising themselves up taut twine. I’m not sure why the leaves had such a hard time (note how many are yellowing) but the flowers kept blooming. I’m going to blame it on how little soil they each had. Below, a “dreamsicle” variation of some sort of flower–petunia?–picked up at the downtown farmers’ market as a seedling and planted in an old enamel colander from Ikea (it chipped/rusted early on, hence its transition), held aloft in an old strainer over the rag rug that made its appearance in Snippet No. 6.

Regardless, it feels like spring. I’m becoming a “runner” again and stretching my legs in the kind of brisk walks that aren’t possible on the poorly shoveled and icy sidewalks of winter-Minneapolis (the tense and careful steps needed then are a totally different kind of walking). Minneapolitans are out in full-force, like poorly-house-trained animals uncaged, no longer remembering the basic skills of city living (stepping to the side for others to pass when congregating on sidewalks in large groups, keeping dogs close on leashes, announcing themselves when biking on shared paths) but the excitement of first-melt is always palpable and it’s hard to begrudge others these little thoughtlessnesses when I, too, am resocializing myself to living in the public spaces.

Creamy orange/salmon "dreamsicle" flowering plant (petunia?) in old blue colander standing in strainer holder, above handmade brightly striped braided rug

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