Birds-eye view of table accoutrements--mortar and pestle, salt cellar, sugar bowl, salt and pepper shakers, plant in antique bottle--on a white plate on a teak tray on a striped woven runner in shades of green and white.

Overhead view of a tablescape.

>> Sugar bowl (with brown lid) courtesy of a for-profit thrift store. Unfortunately the low prices of other thrift stores I frequent skewed my thinking and I picked up only one of the three of these that were there–in the moment, the $1.49 price tag seemed high (!!! children of the children of the Depression represent!). The brand is “Swell” and it’s made in Japan. I’ve been able to find out nothing else about its provenance, but at some point will share a better view–it’s got quite a cute shape, especially the top, with a relatively long turned-wood handle.

>> The mortar and pestle is another thrift store find and also appears in the 2015 happify calendar photos.

>> The salt and pepper shakers are actually tiny clear globes with brass bases and, while slightly impractical, are really keen. My “kitchen decor” is basically globe and map themed. I put that in quotes because it’s more that the kitchen/dining space is where my globes and maps have ended up in my small (400 sq foot) studio apartment.

>> The salt cellar is from a garage sale and before that from France. I’m not sure of the brand, but it’s classic and unremarkable, which is good enough for me.

>> In the middle is a cutting from one of my favorite plants, which I keep treating as a very arid cactus, worrying when it dies back, and then suddenly remembering that it seems happier (i.e. produces new growth!) when I, erm, water it sufficiently. All that talk of “easier to kill plants by overwatering” plus a particularly formative episode of that Public Television math show (the one with MathNet) have scarred me.

All on a CB2 plate (via thrift store, natch) on a teak tray on a vintage woven table runner.

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