Adam Turman poster, Dansk yellow fish, bulletin board with assorted: Chinese flash cards, photo of mammatus clouds, found tackle, vintage curtain tieback pins, clothing labels, a vintage pin from Colorado, a vintage stamp, a postcard from Sweden. Etc. ad nauseum.

Another random shot from around my place. Of note (i.e. the raison d’etre for this photo) are orange and yellow plastic bits coming from behind the two pieces of art. Little bits of “found art” or “trash” for the less visionary among us.

Other bits and bobbles abound: Adam Turman poster and robot love piece traded for happify goods at art shows of yore with a tin bird, red plastic thimble, wooden buffalo and giraffe toys. A yellow Dansk fish trivet with a blue bike ornament and a U of M key found a few years after I thought I’d lost it–it led to the grad student office in which I somehow ended up with a shared desk as an undergrad (“somehow” here might just mean the natural result of living and breathing geography for four years). A thrift store art piece of boats labeled “Key West”–I love the tangled look of the ropes and masts and other sailing-things. A smiling vintage plaster fish. A bulletin board whose edges I decorated with strips of washi paper, filled with little things that make me happy: a neon pink bike that came to me via the thrift store, but was a freebie from either NiceRide or the Mpls Bike Coalition, a photo of mammatus clouds during sunset taken about ten years ago from the ironwork bridge from Nicollet Island to St. Anthony, a rubber band in the shape of MN, a vintage stamp, a fishing tackle bobber bit from a lakeshore, a vintage Chinese flashcard for “jiejie”–older sister–my longest held role in the world (if one ignores the 18 months before my first younger sibling was born), a raincheck for photo printing from Walgreens (those are still good three years on, right?), a music venue bracelet with penguins on it, family crest pin, vintage Colorado pin “Colorado ‘Hi’!,” election judge pin, Walker Art Center badge, fabric tags (one from my quasi-grandmother, a sewer, and one that reads “Tiny”), a MetroTransit GreenLine button, a postcard from friends on honeymoon in Sweden, a business card that reads “I love you,” a pin that reads “too small to fail,” and all held up by vintage red flower curtain tie-back pins, newer paper airplane push-pins, a few green map pins, and a few numbered screen-storm window pins.


Zoomed in photo of plastic tab/"found art"/trash.

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