The 2015 happify calendar cover is a desktop with a transparent rulers, pencil, blotter, feathers, envelopes, stamps, and a color version of November, which is a rainbow record playing.

Rounding off the 2015 happify calendar retrospective, let’s take a look at the cover. This was the first public happify calendar that included a bonus month, in full color. I decided I wanted to do a cover in part to make up for the slightly lighter paper (from 110# to 100#) that I switched to when I chose to go with 100% post-consumer recycled paper. I also just wanted to play around with color. I’d been playing around with full-color for both February (envelopes/mail) and November (record) in particular. For this cover, it was simply a matter of combining the two, and adding in a few features to announce the brand (happify).

I could go on, as evidenced by previous posts, but the weather in Minneapolis is glorious and the company is adequate (that’s Minnesotan for “pretty keen”). Happy record store day!

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