Brass bells hang from brushed brash shower curtain hooks on a DIY blue and white homemade twine garland.

Here’s my shower curtain, with its most recent addition, a string of (most of) my vintage brass bell collection, accumulated piecemeal via thrift stores (natch). Six bells didn’t make the cut for this garland; one was too shiny, one didn’t quite fit in in its shape, and four came on their own intriguingly worn silk rope.

A close-up of a carved and painted brass bell, on blue and cream/white homemade rope.

These bells are strung on handmade twine (post forthcoming), draped against a plain white shower curtain (technically one of the fancier–and less toxic–shower curtain liners from Target) on simple brushed brass shower curtain hooks. I’m a big fan of the hooks, even though they came from the thrift store in a set of 11, not 12. Turns out that twelfth shower curtain hook is really unnecessary; just slip two eyelets over one shower curtain hook at the less-used end of the tub and call it good. That’s my pro-tip of the day for you.

They add to the sort of bohemian feel that my bathroom has taken on with the autumnal addition of four plants–three of them hanging–that’d been happily adorning my balcony since starting out as cuttings this spring. And the gently tinkling the bells make when I enter/exit the shower or brush against them while brushing my teeth is still a surprising tiny joy each time.

A close-up of one of the etched bells on the homemade twine garland, the others blurry in the background against the white shower curtain.

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