A tshirt with a screenprint of a map of Mpls in the shape of the state of Minn spills out of a vintage camel leather suitcase with two other items, one a silk scarf printed with blue birds and the other with a small geometric pattern of triangles. Scattered around them are a measuring tape, a globe of the moon, a scissors, a found antler, and a book on Minnesota, on top of a Japanese atlas, against a backdrop of the many lakes of the Boundary Waters area of the north woods.

Among the new items I designed for the winter Made Here MN show was this t-shirt. I think of it as a visual pun, but it’s just as well described as an ideogram. It’s your shirt for when you want to represent Mpls/MN, people! The shape of the city and the state both tend towards vertical, so something like this is a pretty natural outflow of the screenprinted poster here. Pretty sure there’s only so many hours a geographer/designer can spend poring over state and city maps and creating her own before something like this happens.

The shirts are printed white/light grey on blue. I’d love to try the design in other color combos, but part of happify is working with an ethos of sustainability and I wanted to stay away from newly produced t-shirts. To that end, I chose from the deadstock my printer (Rebel Ink) had on hand.

This shirt, along with other happify designs (t-shirts & otherwise!), is available exclusively at Junket on Minnehaha Avenue in Minnesota. I’ve been thrilled to be able to partner with Julie and her amazing team–their ethos and commitment to sustainability, reuse, beautiful design, and systems change dovetail perfectly with my own goals for happify!

A screen-printed map of the city of Minneapolis in white, in the shape of the state of Minnesota, on a blue folded tshirt sits on a map of the Boundary Waters area. On top of the t-shirt is a polyhedron made of small brass pieces.

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