Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 3.05.56 PM

Somehow I got it into my mind to knit a mushroom hat. I mulled it over while walking around on the lake, then cannibalized another hat in progress for the rubbed base. The rest was knit while walking on the treadmill and track at the gym yesterday.

One of my long-time favorite exercises in doing art has been trying to evoke a sense of randomness or true organic growth. Actually random doesn’t work, of course, given how our brains attribute meaning to the patterns we start to see. I’ve got a handful of ways to bypass this, somewhere between formulæ and intuition, but what it really amounted to was a kind of knitting that held my attention in a different way than usual. Plus side was that I walked my first 13 mile day since October.

The white yarn is a thrifted skein, the red/orange yarn is a thrifted sweater frogged—some cakes of it were available at Junket under the Cap & Cane label last year.

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